About the Author, DANIEL SEGAL

Daniel Segal enjoys the tight atmospherics of the detective/mystery novel. The genre allows him to explore the hyperintensity of people put into untenable situations that must be resolved at all costs in a short period of time.

The perfect way to express and deal with this human condition, most aptly, are the Harry Fox Mysteries, with Harry, the "Detective to the Stars," his beat Los Angeles, hired to solve the problems.


Born in New York City, and raised in Hollywood, and having been in the film business many years, Segal thought detective Harry Fox, with his showbiz background mysteries, would make for entertaining reading.

Before turning to writing full time, Segal had founded ASC Films, a specialty film distribution company in the 1970s and 80s. Among the films he distributed was Oldrich Lipsky's Circus in the Circus, a Czech-Russian co-production, featuring acts from the three top Russian circuses. He also distributed the award winning movie Dinner for Adele, aka Nick Carter in Prague, a period sendup of the detective genre.

A film and television writer before turning to novels, his screenplays, written with his late wife,

Erna Olinger, include The Medici aka The Pazzi Conspiracy, Ozark Lullaby and The Prague Affair, among others.

During this time Segal wrote and produced the highly successful TV documentary Man Isn't Dying of Thirst which appeared on PBS and Canadian TV as part of the Canadian government’s drug information program. He also wrote and produced the NBC Primetime Special Dan Haggerty Goes To The Circus.

It was while he was writing movies that Segal wrote his first detective novel: the Hollywood noir murder mystery For  Sentimental Reasons. He followed up quickly with the Harry Fox Mystery Novels including Lips Are For Lying and Time Out For Murder.


At the end of 2002, Daniel Segal founded FictionSpin Publishing. From that time to the present, FictionSpin, including its science imprint, ASC BOOKS, has published over a dozen books along with the two-act play, Lorenzo de Medici, an adaptation of the Segal/Olinger screenplay, The Medici. It was published in 2010 by Dramatic Folios, another FictionSpin imprint.

In 2013, Segal wrote two more Harry Fox mysteries, Murder Me Neat, published in May, 2014 by FictionSpin, with another due out in September, 2014.

Segal lives in Malibu where he writes and oversees the daily operation of the book publishing company as its president. He also helps his wife, Kim, manage the career of their daughter, actress, model, and DJ KimKat, Kim Lee.

In addition to the publication this year of the new Harry Fox books, Segal is preparing to write his next Harry Fox mystery.