ERNA OLINGER, FictionSpin Publishing, Malibu, California. $25.00 US, Hardcover, (302p)
Published: May 2005

ISBN: 0-9724007-8-8


"The Ademian Line" follows the life of Isa, a woman searching for ways to escape the besieged planet. She struggles to change the chaos and madness that surrounds people. During her attempt to change the world, Isa comes into contact with the aliens and learns that they have been using Earth as a penal planet and have populated it with the mutant genes of Ademian. Humans are Ademian's doomed descendants.

Ademian is exiled to Terra (Earth) from Haverdan, his home planet situated in the Celstra constellation in a solar system at the far end of the Galaxy. Ademian possesses mutant genes, which the Haverdanians consider harmful and intolerable. Thus they punish him with exile on a distant planet instead of terminating him. The Haverdanians believe that greed, selfishness and megalomania are the principal crimes and deserve the ultimate punishment. This means that Ademian's genes will always plague most of the people living on Terra. The book relates Isa's pursuit to persuade the aliens to give her the powers that will allow her to alter the state of the world.

"The Ademian Line" is an extraordinary work of science fiction that imaginatively interprets global disorder. Telling an adventurous story with a highly captivating end, Erna Olinger gives new direction to thought. She takes the reader on an enthralling journey that adds a different perspective to life and challenges regular life. With vivid, lifelike characters, "The Ademian Line" transports the reader into a different world. It is a deeply entertaining, insightful book that never fails to entertain.

BookWire Review
June 29, 2005