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is Proud to Announce
the Publication of
Erna Olinger's Science Thriller, "BioHazard Red"

  "When it comes to writing the definitive story of the worst plague in the history of the world, BioHazard Red may be looked upon as the blueprint of how it happened."

"But what you've started - that's simply genocide! What in hell are you trying to do? Wipe out half the world's population? Selectively?..."

David Turner, BioHazard Red
BioHazard Red
In BioHazard Red, research scientist Dr. David Turner finds himself in possession of the antidote formula to the most deadly virus the world has ever known and which has already caused the death of millions of people. How he got it - and the ensuing struggle to keep it for the benefit of mankind - makes David the target of a relentless pursuit by men who are desperate to get their hands on the formula, come what may, so they can exploit it for their own sinister purposes. To his dismay, David learns that the science he helped develop has been hijacked and manipulated to fulfill the ambitions of the politically powerful CUE factor.

BioHazard Red begins in a research lab in Ethiopia and races to Washington D.C., then to Germany, and back again to the nationís capital as this ultimate tale of ghastly genocide unfolds.

"The subject matter is of vital importance to the world today. I think it may be among the most important books I have read in some time."
- Dale Olson
ERNA OLINGER was an acclaimed dancer before turning to writing. Author of BioHazard Red, she also authored the classic science-fiction novel The Ademian Line, and the psychological thriller Transfers, as well as an autobiography of her world-famous dance career, Memoirs In Toe Shoes.

BioHazard Red
By Erna Olinger
Quality Paperback   305 Pages
$13.95 USA    $16.75 Canada
Published: April 2004
ISBN-10:  0972400745
      ISBN-13:  9780972400749


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