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The Harry Fox Mystery Series

Like strange mysteries?. . . Then meet Harry Fox.

In "Lips Are for Lying" his beat is the
sunnyside-up streets of L.A. filled with
lunatics and sex.

"An intriguing mystery novel written with attitude.
Detective Harry Fox has a casual, laid-back L.A. sensibility
that's easy to spend time with.
Alan Powers

In "Lips Are For Lying," explore the adult film world with Harry Fox as he goes about unraveling the mystery of how three corpses were stolen from the L.A. morgue during a film shoot. How Anthony Blake director and lover of Mirabel Larkin, the young, gorgeous, imported French porn queen winds up dead. Is it suicide or murder?

A trip to Mexico further complicates the proceedings for Harry who finds himself caught up in the glitzy world of adult entertainment as the bodies keep piling up. Harry tries to find logic in a world of sex and money wrapped up in lies.

"Lips Are For Lying," is one of the first in a series of Harry Fox murder mysteries. Set in the City of Angels where noir is a frame of mind Harrys job is to look for some light to shed on the travails of the people who inhabit their bubble of fame, fortune and power that, with one stroke of angst, blows up in their faces with Harry the only one left to piece it all back together.

About the Author, Daniel Segal

Copyright: 2008 FictionSpin

Lips Are For Lying
By Daniel Segal
Quality Paperback    277 Pages
$12.95 USA    $15.75 Canada

ISBN-10:  0972400737
      ISBN-13:  9780972400732


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