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"Ebola and smallpox, that's the deadly cocktail these fools have come up with. There is no cure, only certain horrible death. Do all you can to help us stop this insanity, Mr. Fox. I cannot overstate the urgency."

Time Out For Murder

A Harry Fox Mystery

"Masterfully told."
"Chillingly real..."

Time Out For Murder

Just what do you do when the most deadly bio-weapon – for which there is no antidote – is dropped in your lap?

That’s what happens to L.A detective Harry Fox who is hired to transport a box from Las Vegas to the Salk Institute in La Jolla, not knowing what’s in the box – or that the fate of the world hinges on its contents.

Time Out For Murder is a taut, gripping tale from the first to last page. Go with Harry on a desperate journey to try to avert catastrophe before events spin out of control. The murky world of germ warfare and the consequences of men’s folly couldn’t be more riveting.

About the Author, Daniel Segal

Copyright: 2008 FictionSpin

Time Out For Murder
By Daniel Segal
Quality Paperback    319 Pages
    $12.95 USA    
First Edition Published by FictionSpin: December 2002

ISBN-10:  0-9724007-2-9
      ISBN-13:  978-0-9724007-2-5


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