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Erna Segal's
"Memoirs In
Toe Shoes"

The Unabashed Autobiography of
of the World-Famous Dance Team


"Called "ballet-adagio," their four-minute routine featured dazzling
split-leg lifts and jumps to showcase her technique and skimpy
costumes to highlight her hourglass figure."

- Victoria Looseleaf,
Los Angeles Times,
December 30, 2004 


"Memoirs In Toe Shoes" is the
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Unabashed Autobiography of Erna Segal, aka "Chiquita" of the world-famous dance team "Chiquita & Johnson." She captivated audiences with her spellbinding dancing for more than a decade in the 1950s and early 60s before retiring at the age of 23 to become a successful writer. No other dance team has ever equaled Chiquita & Johnson's incredible acrobatic ballet-adagio dancing.

In her autobiography, "Memoirs In Toe Shoes," being published now for the first time, experience the phenomenal career with Erna as she lived it.

Chiquita & Johnson played every major nightclub in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as the top TV shows including "The Red Skelton Show," Jack Benny's "Shower of Stars," "Colgate Variety Hour," "The Perry Como Show," and "The Ed Sullivan Show" many times. They opened shows for the likes of Jack Benny, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Lena Horne, Carol Channing, Red Skelton, Liberace, Perry Como, and Frank Sinatra.

With their breathtaking, unparalleled ballet-adagio, and Chiquita's exquisite figure, coupled with her formidable ballet training and ability to perform the most breathtaking, dazzling lifts, jumps and acrobatic moves, they thrilled audiences coast to coast.

A story told with honesty, humor, and uncanny insight into her own motivations and personality, as well as those of the people and celebrities around her, "Memoirs in Toe Shoes" is an amusing, delightful, and engaging book to read.

Following her acclaimed dance career, Erna Segal became a successful novelist and screenwriter. Writing under the pen name, Erna Olinger, she authored the science thriller, BioHazard Red, the classic science fiction novel, The Ademian Line, and the psychological thriller, Transfers.

"Memoirs in Toe Shoes" is one of the Most Entertaining Showbiz Autobiographies
to come around in a long time.


  Memoirs in Toe Shoes
by Erna Segal
Hardcover    299 Pages
with 48 pages of photographs
$28.00 USA     $36.95 Canada
Publication Date: November 2004
ISBN-10:  0972400753
      ISBN-13:  9780972400756


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