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Because of the critical times facing the planet and all living creatures on it,
it is with renewed urgency that FictionSpin Publishing is presenting
Erna Olinger's science fiction novel, "The Ademian Line."

In this extraordinary book, Erna Olinger gives her explanation
of what went wrong, how it all happened and, finally,
what can be done about it.

She lays it out in great detail: We are all the descendants of Ademian
and his flawed legacy, having inherited his errant genes that
are propelling us collectively to self-destruction.

For those who want to understand why things are the way they are,
read this novel. It will surely change your take on the
question of survival facing us all.

"The Ademian Line"
""The Ademian Line" is an extraordinary work of science fiction that imaginatively interprets global disorder. Telling an adventurous story with a highly captivating end, Erna Olinger gives new direction to thought. She takes the reader on an enthralling journey that adds a different perspective to life and challenges regular life. With vivid, lifelike characters, "The Ademian Line" transports the reader into a different world. It is a deeply entertaining, insightful book that never fails to entertain."
- BookWire Review
June 29, 2005

An epic novel of profound implications, The Ademian Line is the story of Isa who makes contact with the aliens who populated Earth as a penal planet with the mutant genes of Ademian and how she convinces them into giving her powers to alter the state of the world. Will it be in time?


The Ademian Line is one of the most important science fiction novels of the past decade. With its pulsating narrative, it will hold you until the explosive end. It is a work of extraordinary insights and will most assuredly make you change the way you look at life.




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Inspired by the novel The Ademian Line and dedicated to the memory of the author and his good friend Erna Olinger

The Ademian Line
By Erna Olinger
HardCover   302 Pages
$25.00 USA    $38.95 Canada
Publication Date: May 2005
ISBN-10:  0972400788
      ISBN-13:  9780972400787


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