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At the Moulin Rouge, Hollywood, California

“It all began in Prague where a ballerina met an acrobat. The two promptly formed a dance team that’s been making history ever since as Chiquita and Johnson. Dancing at Havana’s fabulous Tropicana, they were spotted by TV host Ed Sullivan. He featured them on his Toast of the Town, and one hour later they were booked to open Frank Sennes’ brand new Moulin Rouge nightclub in Hollywood. Awed by their sensational rise, the talented team attributes it to good luck. Spellbound audiences report luck has nothing to do with it – they’re just plain GREAT!”

— EYE, People and Pictures, July 1954

At the Latin Quarter, New York

“…Outstanding were dance-acro team of Chiquita & Johnson. Splendidly produced as part of an Arabian Nights sequence, pair do tricks that are literally breath stopping. Overhead holds, splits, and sensational finishes are almost unbelievable.”

— Bill Smith, Show Business, 1956

At the Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles

“Opening dance act of Chiquita and Johnson was a fitting one for the splendor of the room because they’re the best act of their kind on the circuit. Chiquita is refreshingly beautiful with a body that deserves display in the Museum of Art.”

— Hollywood Reporter, April 26, 1957

At the Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas

“Stars of the show are the incomparable CHIQUITA and JOHNSON, two of the most accomplished artists of the dance it has ever been our pleasure to watch in action. Every number is meticulously carried out to perfection and contains graceful, but breathtaking lifts and spins to achieve a most exciting effect. This couple is undoubtedly high among the leaders of the world in the field of acro-ballet dancing.”

— Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine, December 29, 1957

At the Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas

“PETITE PRANCER – One of America’s inspired acro-ballet artists is bewitching Chiquita of the dance team of Chiquita & Johnson, stars of the current Minsky show at The Dunes…the petite Chiquita has moved show critics from coast-to-coast to a point where they are “dancing in the street” over her masterful dance styles… Chiquita’s the most fetching little lass ever you did see, hazza style all her own.”

— Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1958

At the Carillon Hotel, Miami, Florida

“Chiquita and Johnson have played the smartest rooms in this resort, and in this setting, come up with a big-mitt consistency as they walk out their acro-terps lined with fine ballet touch by the lithe, talented little Chiquita. They’re show-stoppers, per always.”

— Variety, 1961